SysWiz is a comprehensive database with over 4 million expert curated literature references included related to different aspects of modes of action. It enables access to a rich selection of literature on chemical structures, proteins, genes and their interactions, toxic endpoints and pathologies, generated in over 150 man years of experts work.

SysWiz provides information on chemicals, metabolites, proteins and genes, along with their interactions, associated pathologies and toxicity endpoints for the purpose of elucidating possible mechanisms of action or toxicities. One can query the system using chemical structure, pathology data, receptor profiling data, or even analyze experimental data such as – omics data.

SysWiz is easy to use and interpret, with great reporting facilities that can greatly assist you with your research!

  • 2500 toxicities - Each toxicity is defined as a tissue / organ specific pathology (e.g. liver hyperplasia). Each toxicity is a cluster containing all reported molecules (proteins, genes and chemical) that play a role in the toxicity, including all reported biomarkers and original references.
  • 2500 pathology clusters containing all molecules (proteins, genes and chemicals) that have been reported to play a role.
  • 50.000 chemical structures with their targets (on- and off-targets), dose exposure data and literature references.
  • 10 million relationships between compounds and enzymes / receptors / proteins. Each recorded relationship has direct links to scientific publications as evidence for the relationships.
  • Direct links to over 4 million literature articles describing relationships between chemical structures, proteins/genes and pathologies.
  • 700 metabolic and signaling biological pathways.
  • 500.000 synonyms and ontologies enabling fast and effective search of molecules and pathologies.
  • Enzymes /proteins for 17 key species enabling cross species comparison (including human, dog, rat, mouse, zebra fish).