RNA-Seq Data Analysis

Metisox is the leading provider of transcriptome bioinformatic data analysis. Let us look after your transcriptome raw data and provide you with detailed data analysis and expert data-interpretation. Your data can be from different sequencing platforms, different samples and/or different sequencing depths. Our platform capabilities will be able to maximise the mining of your data and provide you with data you can trust.

Standard Pipeline

  • Whole Transcriptome Analysis
    (coding & non-coding RNAs)
  • Transcription-wide Association
    (Gene expression to complex trait analysis)
  • Full-length Transcriptome Analysis
    (Accurately distinguish isoforms)
  • Exosomal RNA Sequencing Analysis
  • Eukaryotic/Prokaryotic Transcriptome Analysis
  • Small/Circular/Long non-coding RNA analysis


  • Disease progression ‘studies
  • Tumor development and metasis
  • Cell differentiation and development
  • Identification of sites susceptible to complex disease(s)
  • Genetic counselling, early diagnosis, drug selection
  • Molecular Marker Analysis

…and many more

The transcriptome is spatial, temporal and considerably more complicated than the genome, which is why artificial intelligence is required for understanding and interpreting the data generated from your RNA-Seq experiment(s). Metisox’s analysis and interpretation of your transcriptome data will help you to understand the function of unknown genes and reveal the action mechanism of specific regulatory genes. In addition to this, quantitative analysis of transcripts elucidating the activity of specific genes can be used in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases.

Metisox RNA-Seq Report

Executive summary

Data pre-processing

Data statistics and quality assessment

Transcript expression analysis

Differentially expressed gene analysis

Cluster analysis

SysWiz pathway analysis

Expert commentary